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accordingtome's Journal

Bob's calm soulful screams
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Welcome to According To Me!

This community is more or less for the people that know better out there. Be bold, tell what you think and why. Situations, conversations, family, friends, enimies, controvercial issues? That mutating growth on your neck? Something else? Tell us about things according to you. Be sarcastic, be crass, be violent, be honest, be you.
Try to stay on topic; it shouldn't be hard seeing as how there isn't much of one. For one day I shall make a book of views According to Me and sell 4 copies.
If you're interested in our little hole join, it doesn't matter if we know you or not. Then get in contact with us or in due time we'll see you, and unless you piss on our parade we'll make it so you can post freely.

If you need to get in contact with the maintainers the most obvious way is to use our LJs.

This community is run by nervanakitten, deltigre, and soulbleed. Worship is appreciated, but coffee and porn are more likely to put you in our good graces ~_^