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According to me...!@^*%!# double standards for men and women

Women are held to an impossible standard on apearance it's an unfair double standard. From now on I'm following my own image, you know, the same one I've been doing for years ;) seriously though, I hate it. Had I been born 40 years earlier I would have been a militant feminist...but in this day and age there are too many things that make me lazy and most militant feminists look at everything with a bitter eyes and it's all a "mans show" instead of actually doing anything.
As for bra-burning, I'd do it, but I'm too self-concious (partially due to these impossible standards) and my breasts are larger than I want them to be..*has a headache*
of course I realize that a lot of men are held to an amazingly idiotic standard as well, but sinse I'm not male, I can't speak for them...but I am interested in hearing some input =)

note**this post was brought on by nothing, I felt that as one of the maintainers I was supposed to post something something, comments welcomed.
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